HONOA: Customer support



The device does not appear

Contact the facility administrator to verify the activation of the Honoa user

How do I contact the administrator?

Click on the logo shown on the installation screen, and you will see the contact information

The application does not detect any doors

1. Check that Bluetooth is on
2. Check that the location is activated
3. Check that you are within range of the door

The hands-free option does not work

1. Check in the door settings that the hands-free option is activated
2. Check in Honoa settings that all permissions are activated

The hands-free option doesn’t always work

For ANDROID go to: Settings / Battery / App Launch / HONOA select “Manually Manage” with all options enabled.
For iOS go to: Settings / HONOA / Location select “Always”

I try to open the door but it takes a long time

This can happen because there has been a communication error and the application is retrying to activate.

The application has closed the session

User passwords have been changed or logged on to another device. You must log in again.

When I press the button to open or close the door, nothing happens or an error message appears on the screen

1. Check that Bluetooth is enabled
2. Check that your location is activated
3. Check that it is within range of a door
4. Check if there is another person connected to the door

I don’t receive any notification

1. In the mobile settings, check that the notifications for Honoa are activated
2. In the Honoa app, check that notifications are activated:
a. In General Settings go to: MENU / SETTINGS / MY ACCOUNT
b. In Door Settings choose: “gear symbol”

When I am in front of the door, it takes a few seconds for it to open

Bluetooth technology takes a few seconds to connect with the phone and send the signal to the receiver

I have not received any notification when there have been two cars within Bluetooth range of the receiver

This means that the other user has opened the door. Only a single user can be connected via Bluetooth at any one time.
This means that you have gone out of Bluetooth range before the other user

I want to activate the door again, but it is not possible

1. Hands-free activation: you must wait up to 1 minute out of Bluetooth range (you will see the Bluetooth icon is grey with the application open) and then try to enter again.
2. Manual activation: open the application and press the door icon to open.

My phone is locked and the door is not activated, but it should be

1. Check that Bluetooth is on.
2. Check your phone’s settings; it may be that Bluetooth turns off when your phone is locked.

Can the hands-free activation distance be set?

Yes. The range of Bluetooth varies depending on the position of the phone and whether you are walking or driving. If travelling by car, it is best to have the phone in a holder on one of the car’s windows.
The range can be adjusted in door settings.

I can’t open the app with my iOS device

Version 14 or higher is required

I can’t download the app on my ANDROID device

Version 5 or higher is required

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