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Our human team is made up of more than 70 people and is varied: different training, from different countries and of different ages. We especially uphold the values that make us stand out and that have always been present: ethics, commitment and relationship quality. In recent years – thanks to the company’s expansion – innovation and international approach have been added.

We ensure that our staff feels as settled as possible in our culture, taking into account the different activities and international backgrounds.

We believe in and strongly promote staff training, support for professional development and participative and collaborative treatment. These key aspects help us achieve our excellent results both in business and in employee satisfaction.

Our Human Resources policy applies the principles of the equal opportunities law between men and women, and all applications regardless of age and gender are considered in all the selection processes. Insofar as possible, we work with institutions and public services, economically or regarding work, to achieve insertion of groups of people with difficulties to access employment.

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