JCM is proud to announce that the following products:

. Transmitter models:

                               . RB3 T916

                               . RB3 T916-EFA

. Receiver models:

                               . RB3 OSE916

                               . RB3 R916K8

                               . RB3 R916K10

Accomplish the following standards for safety:

. UL325 & C22.2 No. 247. Door, Drapery, Gate, Louver and Window Operators and Systems

. UL746C, Polymeric Materials – Use in Electrical Equipment Evaluations

. UL60730-1 & CSA-E60730-1:13, Automatic Electrical Controls for Household and Similar Use, Part 1: General Requirements

Discover the new BASE-MN, a MOTION miniaturized receiver for PCB industrial control panel that completes the JCM range of industrial control panels offering the new additional features to the range:

  • Small size
  • Versatile range of supply: 12/24 Vac/dc selectable with jumper
  • Integrated antena (optional antenna extension)
  • Protective plastic box
  • Application:
    • Industrial
    • Condominium
    • Residential

VERSUS I30: Universal & easy

Discover the new control panel compatible with all engines that completes the JCM range of three-phase control panels offering additional benefits:

  • Compatible with Elektromaten & Kostal digital end limit switches
  • Retroilluminated LCD display for parameters adjustment
  • Built-in safety system receiver
  • Removable V-shaped cable glands

We have improved the VERSUS M8 PCB board buttons:

  • Taller buttons: from now on, the M8 board buttons will be taller to be more accessible when programming (as shown in the picture to the right).
  • Colour buttons: the colours of the buttons have changed to give a clearer call response from customer service.
    • Blue: radio programming in security devices (RadioBand or RadioSens)
    • Red: MOTION radio programming (for transmitters).
    • White: time programming button (for control panels).
    • Black: door movement (open-close-start).
    • Green: check button for safety devices (communication quality).

The new access control unit ACCESS-5K completes the JCM range of access control offering additional benefits:

  • Time scheduling
  • Management of up to 5000 users
  • Wiegand 26 / BUS-L inputs
  • Maximizing security against copy: management only through SoftAssistant (version 6 or upper)

Save time and money with the RADIOBAND transmitter built into the safety edge.

RB3 is compatible with all control panels

Suitable for mechanical, resistive and optical safety edges.

Please note that from now on all RADIOBAND 3G transmitters will be delivered with a single cable gland already fitted. If you are going to use more cables, there are 2 additional cable glands in the packaging.

Additionally, we recommend that installing the unit in the vertical position is best suited (as shown in the picture).

Software and finishes adaptable to your requirements.

The following enhanced features are worth highlighting:

  • New push buttons on the cover
  • 2 connectors for expansion cards on the panel
  • Fixed 12 Vdc output for an electric lock up to 3A
  • Tamper entry

For the purchase of:

  • KEE Range
  • VERSUS Line
  • MOTION Line
  • RADIO SAFETY Products
  • ROLL868-DMR

For the rest of JCM products the warranty is 2,5 years.

Do not hesitate to consult JCM sales conditions to get further information.