At JCM, we have developed a new Radioband3 version, immune to interference that can cause gates or doors not properly working.

Has your automatic door safety system ever stopped working from one day to the other for no apparent reason? Does the same safety system working at one facility not working at another? Does the system activates the safety mode, and you don’t know the reason why? It is possible that there is now interference in the facility where the gate or door is installed, that was not there before.

There are constant changes in our surroundings that we cannot see. New frequencies are being used for communications and alarm systems, new receiving devices and antennas are installed, frequency inhibitors might be used in the facility area… causing interference that could lead to error in door movement and safety or in control over the installation (the door may remain open).

JCM was the first company to develop and commercialise the safety system via radio in 2006, eliminating wires and all the maintenance they required.

For systems with safety mode like JCM’s, this mode is activated when there is no communication between the transmitter and the receiver. With safety mode activated, the door cannot close, decreasing control over the installation, or cannot open, preventing users from exiting and entering.

Even with interference, systems without safety mode allow the door to continue to move without guaranteeing security for the person or body below. This may cause serious damage and additionally, the door does not comply with the safety standards.

In addition to the aforementioned problems, all this causes client discontent, aftersales calls, plus the economic cost and time of having to go to the facility to check what’s wrong.

JCM got to work on solving this before anyone else. The new RadioBand3W safety system works where other systems do not, ignoring possible interference and guaranteeing human security.

RadioBand3W is the evolution of RadioBand3: the UNIVERSAL radio communication system for safety sensors, compatible with all control panels on the market.