Batteries included Certified product 5 warranty years

Transmitter for the detection of impact with no safety edge

  • Wire-free installation between transmitter and receiver
  • No safety edge needed 
  • For roller shutters 4m tall maximum
  • With 2mm movement tolerance between the last and penultimate slat

RS3 is a safety device that prevents your door from harming your loved ones or your car. It monitors the status of the door and its environment, and if it detects a potential injury or issue, RS3 sends an alarm so the door can be stopped before any damage is done.
RS3 works with just a control panel and a radio connection, so no wires  are needed, just one RS3 and one control panel.
RS3 stands for RadioSens 3rd generation.

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Dimensions: 194,5x40x20mm
Location: Fixed
Finishing: Surface
Watertightness: IP22
Outputs: Unidirectional RF
Integrated/s receiver/s: RBAND3G
Frequency: 868MHz
Channels: 4
Operation range: 50 meters
Antenna type: Welded antenna
Indicator lights: Yes
Buzzer: No
Battery number: 2
Power Supply: AA alkaline battery, 1,5V LR6 AA, 3 VDC
Internal Battery Capacity(mAh): 2.600,00
Approximate lifetime (years): 2
Max DC Consumption (mA): 12
Min Temp (ºC): -20
Max Temp (ºC): 55
Local Connectivity: Others RF
Suite JCM compatible: No
Certified regulations: CE, UKCA

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