2 warranty years

Mirror photocell

The power sensor makes this a perfect photocell for locations where dust and weather conditions can influence detection distance

  • Distance: 12 m
  • ±4.5º adjustable lenses
  • Visible modulated, polarised light
  • Detection function with light and darkness
  • LED indication of detected object and power source
  • IP66
  • Power supply voltage: 12-24 VCC/VCA, 50/60 Hz
  • Size: 86 x 44 x 39 mm
PD86 PD86 PD86

User manual

Functionalities: Optical
Location: Fixed
Finishing: Surface
Watertightness: IP66
Indicator lights: Yes
Buzzer: No
Power Supply: 12/24VAC 12/24VDC
Min Temp (ºC): -25
Max Temp (ºC): 60
Suite JCM compatible: No
Certified regulations: CE

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