HONOA is the JCM smartphone solution for end users, allowing them to keep control and security in neighbourhood access control with cloudAssistant

the digital fob

Android iOS
  • Bluetooth or remote internet opening
  • Compatible with traditional fobs
  • Direct contact with the door manager or the building administrator
  • Request a new fob
  • Total control over users allowed in the system
  • Hands-Free Opening
  • Door status information
  • A Honoa license is required to add a user to the system. Licenses are renewed every 5 years.

Honoa is a free multi-customer app intended for the end user. Available on Google Play Store and App Store.  

With HONOA, you can add the option for neighbourhood users to open with their phone, so they can comfortably open all neighbourhood access points with their mobile or with keys, fobs, or proximity tags.

With the APP, users will be in contact with the door manager or building administrator. Did they lose a control and need a new one? Is the door not opening for some unknown reason? With HONOA, you can find the contact information for the person or company responsible for the facility, so they can quickly resolve any and all questions you may have.

Versatile system that adapts to multiple uses, if a report on the door's actual status is required, or you need to open or close it from any location.

Additionally, it gives you the confidence of knowing the door's actual status at all times. If open, you can comfortably close it from anywhere. You can also open and close when a delivery person is there and no one is home, or when visitors arrive sooner than expected and you do not want them to wait outside.

Honoa is the JCM connectivity solution to control access, providing the possibility of opening the door with your phone while keeping control over the facility.  It does not require an internet connection on your mobile or receiver to activate Bluetooth access.

Honoa works with HONOADOOR, HDOOREVO, and HONOARELAY receivers.

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