The Access group of products is characterised by its stand alone management, offering from one to four channels, 868 MHz radio receiver, display and buttons for user friendly management and off line event memory cards.



  • 868MHz access control, 2 relays, 2000 codes.
  • Outlets: 2 impulse/bi-stable relays per control panel parameter menu.
  • Possibility of using any channel as an anti-panic alarm (activating any relay as an alarm activation).
  • Removable 2000-code memory.
  • Individual or code group registrations and removals by keypad and front LCD or ASSISTANT programmer.
  • Password-protected access.
  • Maximum 5 proximity readers connected directly to the equipment (BUS-LIN).
  • BUS-LIN cable length: cable cross-sections 0.22/0.35/0.5 mm2 up to 100/150/200 m, respectively. Category 5 cable.
  • Up to 20 proximity readers in the same network using an external power supply (BUS-LIN).
  • Includes clock and calendar to save the date and time if the event card is inserted.
  • Anti-passback/Anti-timeback.
  • Kill-pass, validity date and discount functions through the proximity readers.
  • Front cover with hinges to prevent it from falling in the event of opening.
  • Power supply: dual 230Vac o 12Vac/dc.
  • Standby/Op. consumption 27mA / 57mA a 230Vac – 150mA / 550mA to 12Vac/dc.
  • Size: 220 x 220 x 75 mm.



Applicable to doors