From the 24th to 26th of October JCM will participate in the ARTIBAT construction exhibition in Rennes (France) presenting the following products:

  1. CAPTIVE: it prevents gates from colliding with vehicles and people, thus preventing injuries and/or damages that may arise. An optimal solution for non-intensive industrial sliding gates.

With the NO-TOUCH function, JCM improves the current security features in the following aspects:

  • CAPTIVE avoids damaging the gate or people because there is no collision.
  • Longer lifetime for the gate and its components due to no sudden and heavy crashes
  • The gate doesn’t touch the vehicle. Possible repair costs can be avoided.
  • Gates could move faster.

2. Versus-NF+ RSens:  single-phase control panel for residential rolling doors with simplified installation INSTALL&GO system. Working with RadioSens radio security system (without cable and without safety edge) ensures maximum peace of mind on your door.

3. Radioband TSP and SPC: forget about the maintenance of your RadioBand transmitter with the rechargeable solar cover!

Please come and see us at our booth 8A30!