The VERSUSM42 panel meets the requirements the line is known for, Software and finishes that are totally adaptable to your needs, with the addition of low-consumption ECO features and that can be used with any electric network.

Single-phase 2-motor control panel for residential and community use.


Ref: 1007068

Control panel to manage 2 motors and accessories connected by cable, such as: light flash, photocell, exterior button wiring, emergency stop, and more. With 110V-230Vac switched power source and encoder entirely compatible with JCM, ELEKTROMATEN, or KOSTAL.

    • Control panels for single-phase motors.
    • Power supply:  110Vac – 230Vac ; 50Hz / 56Hz
    • Maximum motor power: 1.2kW for each motor
    • Top motor intensity: 6A for each motor
    • Motor drive by relay, with motor power regulation and gentle stop.
    • PROG and START buttons on plate to regulate automatic wait time and independent open/close function.
    • Light-up network indicator.
    • Active entry/exit indicator.
    • Status indicator with ERROR LED or display cards.
    • Operation counter to alert when it is time for maintenance.
    Noteworthy features:
    • Very low weight and consumption
    • Power supply 110V to 230Vac, 50Hz-60Hz, with output for low-voltage accessories up to 36W.
    • Absolute digital encoder compatible with JCM, ELEKTROMATEN, or KOSTAL.
    • 12Vdc output for electric lock up to 3A with improved control.


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