Solution to manage your garage doors using your mobile devices.

Be aware of the real status of your door at any time and open or close it from any location.

Ref: 1101451

Sesame is a solution to manage your garage door using your mobile devices, compatible with JCM M8NF and Keeroll control systems.

Sesame lets you know the status of your door in real time, allows you to remotely open and close the door, and receive notifications and different alarms.

Sesame includes a device that plugs into the VERSUS M8NF or KEEROLL control system, and is compatible with JCM Honoa application, available for both Android and iOS. Sesame fully integrates into the JCM Motion ecosystem.

The Sesame solution includes access for 2 users, which can be increased up to 10 users. Each user requires a renewable license every 5 years.

Sesame is compatible with any 2.4GHz WiFi router and includes a webpage for help in spotting and resolving issues.


Ref: 1101451

  • Comfortably manage your garage door with your mobile.
  • Feel safer knowing your door’s real status at any time.
  • Easily open and close the door from any location.
  • Receive alerts every time someone enters or exits your home, even if they have used a control or push button to do so.
  • Anticipate security devices potential battery problems thanks to a low-battery notification.
  • Compatible with VERSUS M8NF and KEEROLL control systems.
  • Support for up to 10 users (licenses renewable every 5 years).
  • Compatible with any 2.4GHz WiFi router.
  • Includes a website for help in spotting and resolving issues.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS with the free JCM Honoa app.



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