Three-phase operating panel for roller, sliding, sectional, guillotine and fast doors.

Ref: 1002001


Built-in receivers
Max. motor power (three-phase)
400Vac/3CV (2,2KW)
Max. motor power (single-phase)
230Vac/1,5CV (1,1KW)
Number of motors
For three and single-phase motors



ref: 1002001

  • Max. motor power 400Vac/3CV (2,2KW) o 230Vac/1,5CV (1,1KW) three-phase or single-phase.
  • For three and single-phase motors.
  • Tree-phase supply with no neutral.
  • Motor power adjustment by potentiometer.
  • 433 or 868 MHz radio card connector.
  • Connector for RADIOBAND/RCS receiver card.
  • Traffic light card connector with traffic control or signal card.
  • Magnetic detector connector for use as an open button or safety contact.
  • Digital operating time programming.
  • Start, open/close and stop button input.
  • Exterior open/close button fitted.
  • Exterior emergency stop button.
  • Box with motor protection circuit breaker.
  • Power ON light indicator.
  • Control inlet status LED.
  • NPN or PNP-type 5 or 12Vdc inlet for encoder or Hall sensor connection (+, HA, HB,-) required for pulse operations.
  • Limit switch connection, independent open/close.
  • Single inlet for safety edge, working on opening and closure.
  • Security contact connection, independent open/close.
  • Output 230Vac (0.05A, 11W) powered at 400V or (3A, 600W) powered at 230Vac.
  • 24Vac output (max. 500mA).
  • Auto-test output for security element.
  • Clean output for auxiliar contact.
  • Configurable for garage light, electric brake, electric lock or anti-intrusion alarm.
  • Removable connectors.
  • IP56.
  • Box dimensions: 305 x 225 x 126 mm.



Applicable to doors