Save on commutes and secure your installation.

HONOADOOR is a radio Motion receiver connected with information on the state of the door and with remote activation in real time.


Ref: 1007750

Along with cloudAssistant, you can use HONOADOOR to instantly check the door’s operation from your office, avoiding unnecessary trips to check that installations are working properly and to detect and manage suspicious fobs.

  • Power supply: The equipment is powered with a 110Vac to 230Vac voltage. 500mA protective fuse.
  • Relay Output: The equipment has 2 adjustable open or closed contact relay outputs. These outputs can be programmed to be activated with different fob channels through cloudAssistant. Moreover, these relays can be remotely activated in real time with the cloudAssistant.
  • Inputs: The equipment has 2 inputs to connect 2 limit switches to monitor the door’s status (Open/Closed).
  • 868MHz MOTION receiver module: The equipment has an 868MHz MOTION receiver module to receive from fobs.
  • WIFI / GSM Module: The equipment has a WIFI / GSM communication module for connection to the Internet.
  • Users: Up to 2000 users managed with cloudAssistant.
  • Events: Up to 2000 events may be viewed through cloudAssistant.
  • Statistics and information on use: You may use cloudAssistant to view a daily graph of the number of relay activations, accepted and rejected users, open-door and closed-door events, data consumption, and more.
  • Light-up signals: The equipment has three LED indicators: “ST”, “NW”, and “IN” to indicate the cloudAssistant connection status.
  • Antipassback
  • IP54 (with cable gland IP65)
  • Operating temperature -20ºC / +70ºC
  • Size (L/W/H) 140 x 220 x 55mm