Industrial control panel with 0,75KW or 1,5KW frequency converter. Control by JCM, Elektromaten or Kostal absolute encoder. Designed for fast and rolling canvas doors. KEE interface.

Technical Data

Ref: 1005259

  • Industrial panel with 0,75KW or 1,5KW frequency converter and control by JCM, Elektromatenor Kostal absolute encoder.
  • Motor brake and signal light outputs at 230 VAC and voltage-free contact outputs for door open and door closed status indication.
  • One 24 VAC and two 24 VDC outputs for connecting photocells with auto-test or other accessories such as radar. The outputs provide a maximum of 700 mA between the three.
  • Inputs for partial or total opening and closing push buttons.
  • Inputs for limit switches, safety contacts, one safety edge and one stop.
  • Connectors for external cards: STICK motion receiver, RSEC3 3G radio band receiver, TL-CARD-V traffic light card and MTC1 magnetic detector card.
  • Size: 400 x 200 x 132 mm. (0,75KW)