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ONLINE access control system.

Control modules work with our software Controlsoft.

Control units

Ref: 1005155

  • ON-LINE access control panel
  • 11-15 Vcc power supply
  • PC connection via TCP/IP
  • 2 Readers
  • 2 programmable outputs
  • Memory: from 1.000 users / 30.000 events to 15.000 users / 2.500 events
  • Reader protocols: Wiegand and RS-485

Biometric readers

Ref: 1005196

  • Wall-mount biometric emitter
  • Memory: 100 fingerprints
  • Power supply: 9-14 Vdc
  • Consumption: 100 mA
  • IP65
  • Wired connection to the panel with connectable terminals (50 meters maximum)
  • Operating temperature: -20ºC to +50ºC
  • Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 9 mm


Conceived for communities that administer access to various areas in a centralised form, the CONTROL family offers convenient management and intuitive software to facilitate the work of the caretaker, receptionist or security personnel.

Communities of residents and residential areas with large numbers of users increasingly have areas with access restricted depending on the services contracted (swimming pool, gymnasium, sports courts, storerooms, etc.). Performing this task calls for a central management tool for the various areas. CONTROL offers easy-to-install software with quick location of options for the facility manager. It presents the information clearly and understandably to any user.

The CONTROL family is made up of a standalone on-line panel and various access control options, depending on the security needs of the different areas: fingerprint biometric scanner, keyboard with access code, emitters with a range of up to 100 m, proximity cards and tags. The devices are chosen based on convenience for access to the different areas, as well as on their security levels. For example, proximity tags or cards are highly practical for access to the pool, because they are not sensitive to moisture. Biometric scanners, on the other hand, are very useful for main entrance access.

Within security functions, the controller allows for the granting of access to people authorised depending on their role in the community: owners, tenants, service personnel, visitors, etc. It also provides monitoring of the use of the common areas, as it enables events to be displayed according to user and date. There is also a module for recording incidents by each software operator, authorising the exchange of information between the various surveillance shifts (caretaker, security guard, etc.).

As well as managing the door, the controller has configurable inputs and outputs. These allow for special features using automation appliances if required in the facility (e.g. activation of a siren if a door is forced, switching on courtesy lights, notifying the caretaker in case of special action against a user such as non-payments or outstanding data updates, etc.).

In addition to all the benefits offered by the CONTROL family, the controller has a signing in module to generate attendance reports, calculate overtime and identify absences.

The fire alarm feature helps to comply with occupational risk regulations by generating evacuation reports for the various areas.

CONTROL range biometric scanners guarantee protection of personal data from two angles:

· The information is stored in the scanner, not on the personal computer.

· Fingerprint recording is based on a template of points, so preventing a print being reproduced in another scanner.

Controlling access on-line with free software

  • Time saving in wiring: All connectors are plug-in and are silk screen printed and colour coded according to the item to be wired.
  • Easy set up: The software automatically seeks both the panel and the readers.
  • Versatility: The controller has configurable inputs and outputs to adapt to the special needs of the facility.

Keep abreast of facility status at all times

  • Intuitive management: It contains facility maps to which to add the real elements and so display their status, the latest event and be able to execute actions as needed.
  • On-line information: Enabling display of events in real time.
  • Schedule control: The attendance control module enables creation of work shifts, schedules for holidays, leave, illness and leave of absence, calculation of attendance and overtime, of anti-passback, manual sign-in, etc.
  • In several languages: Software available in English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Macedonian, Czech, Polish and Portuguese.
  • Data capture: Generation of access, attendance and evacuation reports by groups of users.
  • Multi-profile: Allows restriction of software functions (giving access permissions, viewing events, manual sign-in, etc.).