868 MHz transmitters with biometric activation for door/wall installations

Up to 15 programmable fingerprints

Ref: 1001889 / 1001897


Comercial, residential, condominium
Surface, embeded
Nº Channels
Power supply
AAA-type, 2×1,5Vdc lithium battery
868 MHz
Protection degree
IP65 PC Plastic box


  • Forget about looking for the keys, all you need is to pass your finger over the reader to open the door.
  • Variety of finishes to blend into any surface.
  • 2 user levers, Master and Basic:
    Master: user who can configure (learn and delete fingerprints) and use the transmitter.
    Basic: user who can only use the transmitter.
  • New “high security” rolling code system with more keying bits.
  • Maximum security thanks to JCM’s experience combined with the last generation of Biometric’s technology. Only programmed finger prints can use the transmitter.
  • Equipment installation requires no wiring.
  • Compact size allows for it to be built into an electrics box into the door itself.

The following is available with the ASSISTANT programming tool:

  • Database with all equipment, transmitters and proximity cards/tags provided in each installation.
  • Possibility of assigning standby codes. Functional transmitters, cards and tags can be sold supplied without the need to visit the site.
  • Stolen or lost transmitters, cards and tags can be replaced by new, functional ones without the need to visit the site.
  • Registrations via PIN, 1 4-digit code can be allocated to a receiver and all transmitters/proximity elements must have the same PIN to be programmed in the equipment. 2 PIN codes per transmitters is permitted. Also available with the PROGMAN protable programming tool.
  • Possibility of personalising devices with the installer code.
  • Configuration of equipment parameters such as forbidding the radio and manual programming of devices.
  • The transmitters and proximity equipment are programmed by radio without mechanical contact.
  • The transmitter must be registered in the receiver like any other control.



Applicable to doors