Advanced Access System provide access control inclusive of time control and the option of real time management of existing users.

Ref: 1000180


Commercial, Condominium, industrial
5000 codes
2 relays asignable to specific time slots per user or group of users
Nº Channels
2 channels
Power supply
12/24V AC/DC , with a capacity for up to 2 proximity readers connected
868 MHz
Protection degree


  • Access control systems designed to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses and communities.
  • User management solely by means of the ASSISTANT (version 6.0 and above) tool to prevent unauthorized programming.
  • Internal 868 MHz receiver and compatible with 13.56 MHz JCM proximity readers (BUS-L, recognizing up to 4 different channels) and/or other readers (Wiegand 26, 2 channels only).
  • Compatible with a wide range of activation devices (programmable transmitters, dual-technology transmitters, keys and proximity cards).
  • Management of 2 output relays configurable in pulse or bistable mode, expandable to 6 (exclusive ACCESS-5K+) using the TL-CARD which also enables the anti-panic feature.
  • The system may be installed internally and externally. IP65 rating.
  • Management of up to 5000 users.
  • Access protected by a password.
  • Rapid and intuitive installation.
  • Management of up to 5000 codes (high, low, replacement and reserve) and exportable to a file.
  • Viewing  of up to 2000 latest events, filterable and exportable to a file.
  • Management of times at weekly level, individually assignable to groups and/or any of their relay outputs.
  • Management of where users can gain access using defined groups (FREE groups).
  • System ACCESS-5K saves events and users to a Micro SD card. Therefore, the system requires that the computer managing the SOFT ASSISTANT has a Micro SD card reader.
  • Furthermore, inserting the GSM card will enable you to conduct the maintenance of the equipment from your office, saving you both time and travel expenses.