As usual, in July, JCM the annual paddle tournament with a great success of participation.

Over 20 players, each of them from the workforce of JCM, participated in this activity.

On July 1st, JCM held its first-ever Open Day. JCM facilities in Vic were open to the families of the employees of the company to learn how they work in their daily jobs.

During the day, the children could meet the major departments of the company, the internal operations and interact with the products that the company manufactures for the international markets. The best way to contribute to the education of our future engineers.

The reward for their attention? Nothing better than helping in the process of making a fully functional JCM radio transmitter to take home. They also participated in the laser marking of a corporate pen with their names on each one.

Our engineers spent the day together to sharing their individual strengths and held discussion on implementing the new technological possibilities of JCM product too.

The day began with a train ride to Barcelona with the target throughout the day to perform a series of team activities.

All engineers agree that the day was very helpful for the team!

This was the agenda for the day:

08:00 am: Meet at the railway station

8:08 to 9:30: Train ride to Barcelona. Day targets identified, SWOT analysis, …

9:30: Visit1 – leading company

10:45 Visit2 – Open your mind

12:30: Brainstorming

14.00: Food

16:00: Train rides  back to Vic. Conclusions and target specific proposals

JCM is continually looking at ways to generate new ideas.