safety light curtain, 2000 mm high with 20 elements (resolución 50 mm inferior, 185 mm superior)

  • SIL 2 certified safety light curtain by TÜV NORD.
  • Direct integration into the door edge due to door blanking. Easiest alignment.
  • Combined output with PNP/NPN (push-pull) and FSS.
  • Fulfils SIL 2 without testing if FSS output selected.
  • Ideal for modernization projects due to FSS control unit.
  • Doors up to 10m wide and up to 1.6m/s closing.
  •  2nd output for additional information.
  •  Cross section only 12 mm × 14.5 mm.

Functionalities: Optical
Location: Fixed
Finishing: Surface
Watertightness: IP68, IP67 with cable
Outputs: PNP, NPN
Operation range: 10 meters
Indicator lights: Yes
Buzzer: No
Power Supply: 10...30 VDC
Max DC Consumption (mA): 50
Min Temp (ºC): -40
Max Temp (ºC): 60
Suite JCM compatible: No
Certified regulations: CE, TUV

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