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Single-phase 2-motor control panel for residential and community use with switched power source

The VERSUSM42 panel meets the requirements the line is known for, Software and finishes that are totally adaptable to your needs, with the addition of low-consumption ECO features and that can be used with any electric network.

  • Complete version with all finishes that can be totally adapted to your needs
  • Inputs and outputs can be configured with the VERSUS-PROG programmer
  • 2 connectors for expansion cards on board to manage light and securities
  • 12Vdc output for electric lock up to 3A
  • Switched power source
  • Encoder compatible with JCM, ELEKTROMATEN, or KOSTAL

Control panel to manage 2 motors and accessories connected by cable, such as: light flash, photocell, exterior button wiring, emergency stop, and more. With 110V-230Vac switched power source and encoder entirely compatible with JCM, ELEKTROMATEN, or KOSTAL.

User manual
Declaration of conformity

Dimensions: 225x285x92mm
Location: Fixed
Finishing: Surface
Watertightness: IP54
Indicator lights: Yes
Buzzer: No
Power Supply: 110-230 VAC 50/60HZ
Min Temp (ºC): -20
Max Temp (ºC): 55
Suite JCM compatible: No
Supported motors: 2
Supplyable Power to motors (W): 1200W
Certified regulations: CE, UKCA

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