Batteries included Certified product 5 warranty years

3-channel wireless tactile keypad

  • Can open up to 3 doors with 3 different codes
  • Wireless installation. Only the receiver needs to be programmed and the KEEPAD already works
  • Can be installed outdoors, since it is entirely waterproof and has security features
  • Anti-spy feature: You can press many different buttons and only the last digits are valid, a useful way to misguide anyone who might be watching
  • Anti-intruder block. If you enter the code incorrectly more than 3 times, the KEEPAD blocks. It becomes active again 2 minutes later
  • No possibility of opening by accessing internal electronics
  • Anti-fingerprint surface
  • Backlit keys, visible even under direct sunlight
  • Visible in the dark

KEEPad is a transmitter meant to be fixed to a wall. Its main advantage is that you do not have to carry any device on you. It is equivalent to a 3-buttons transmitter where each button needs a password.
It can be placed outside the house as it is weatherproof and offers security features.

User manual
Declaration of conformity

Subfamily: KEE
Dimensions: 100,8x100,8x39mm
Location: Fixed
Finishing: Surface
Watertightness: IP65
Outputs: Unidirectional RF
Frequency: 868MHz
Channels: 3
Operation range: 100 meters
Antenna type: Integrated antenna
Indicator lights: Yes
Buzzer: No
Battery number: 3
Power Supply: AAA alkaline battery
Internal Battery Capacity(mAh): 1.200,00
Approx. lifetime (activations): 6.000
Approximate lifetime (years): 2
Min Temp (ºC): -20
Max Temp (ºC): 55
Local Connectivity: RFMotion
Suite JCM compatible: No
Certified regulations: CE, UKCA

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