Portable programmer that sets parameters for inputs, outputs and software functions for the new VERSUS panel platform and parameters of old panels.

Ref: 1003942


  • The system works with a menu tree.
  • Compatible with old panels that were previously configured with the PROG-MAN programmer.
  • The configuration menu of old panels is very similar to the ‘Config.Panels’ on the PROG-MAN equipment.
  • The configuration menu of VERSUS panels enables the configuration of the new VERSUS panels.
  • 868 MHz radio communication.
  • Comunication with panels can be by cable, radio or RFid.
  • It has 13.56 MHz ISO 15693 RFid transceiver to connect to the VERSUS panel configuration without power or connection to the panel. It can also be inside the packaging.
  • Inputs, 13-key keypad, mini-USB connector to charge batteries and update software, female RJ-45 connector to connect to the panel by cable.
  • All the detailed parameters are accessible on the website.
  • Three basic functionalities: configuring VERSUS, configuring other panels, and configuring the programmer.
  • The VERUS panels menu configuration structure is the following:

  • The parameters to be configured and the equipment on the configuration menu structure of other panels are the same as those on PROG-MAN.
  • The language, settings, shortcut keys, types of batteries and service mode can be configured on the equipment.
  • When rechargeable batteries are used, there is the option of charging them up slowly with the programmer.


Applicable to doors