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30 years designing and innovating in the electronics for automatic doors and gates.

Products such as Radioband, RadioSens, Versus Control Panels, Biometrics

Our Services

JCM TECHNOLOGIES has been developing electronic products and solutions aimed at the management and security of different types of doors, gates and other automatic security elements for over 25 years.


In light of the wide variety of doors for residential use in the market…


In environments of intensive use, such as doors located in housing communities…


Electronic solutions for commercial doors


Doors for office environments

Hotels & Restaurants

For the hotel environments


Control of industrial doors has led to the creation of state-of-the-art products applied to industrial doors

Institutions, sports clubs

Doors in the management of areas in Institutions and clubs, etc.

Urban planning

In the management of passage control for Urban planning

Why us?


We are the trusted technology partner that brings you prestige and solvency


Our products are attractive and convey elegance and innovation


The benefits of our products will always make them stand out from other competitors


We simplify the installation and use of our entire range of products


We train you in the new technological solutions, and we bring you our know-how in the sector


We are committed to producing reliable products and to providing you with the best service